Finished cannabis oil capsules AKA canna caps source:

Those Useful Little THC Pills

A few months ago I visited All Natural dispensary in Sacramento and picked up some Canna Caps, which have the strain Rhino Wreck in them, extracted into coconut oil. These capsules (which I reviewed in August) are very strong and last quite a long time, and though they came in useful for a long and […]

Bored To Death

No, not me. The show. What, you never heard of it? It’s on HBO, and there’s lots more weed in this show than in Weeds. And it’s handled well and honestly: it’s perfectly normal for people to use it, not like the “Ooh, ooh!” nonsense like on virtually every other sitcom out there (Two And […]

Remembering John Lennon

Today would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday. Yoko herself is almost 80. You’re not supposed to like Yoko if you were a Beatles fan at all, but hell…John loved her. And he’s the one who wrote “All You Need Is Love“. The truth is the Beatles were already breaking up before Yoko showed up. […]