SacramENTo Dispensary Tour Report

I finally got a chance to use the car today (my truck has been suffering with the Thermostat Gasket From Hell) so I met with my new friend Ay (who actually is 29 or so) and together we went to check out some dispensaries in the Carmichael area.

I was looking for edibles and similar exotic stuff, and the first place I had found was called City of Trees Compassionate Care and I had to check it out. CoT is a very professional place with a very cool but serious security guard. There’s a tall “candy counter” (well, it looks just like one) and a couple of knowledgeable women back there (one with quite a colorful tattoo who really knew her stuff). They have amazing bud that looked and smelled serious, but none of that for me today. I got some butter and an edible (and they gave me a free brownie for being a new customer!). They were talking about tinctures but I told them I had bad luck with glycerin tinctures from another place. I ended up getting a tiny little tincture bottle to try…this one smells legit at least, and it came in both sativa and indica “flavors” which made me feel that whoever made it, at least sound like they know what they’re doing (taste test coming soon…when they say the dose is 1/4 dropper, it just might work at that!). 1/4 of the teeny brownie was enough to get me happy for the rest of the day.

Next was California Holistic Collective. Couldn’t find much about them online but they were just a few blocks away. It was the tiniest room I have seen yet, but the problem was that they didn’t have much there, and it smelled funny. Like old, maybe, but still uber-strong…and almost like someone enhanced it somehow. They had some sad-looking clones, and a liniment that smelled like…nothing whatsoever. The nugs themselves were cheap enough, by far the best prices I have ever seen, but something turned me off. This is the first time I have ever walked out of a dispensary without buying anything. Yet I will give them another try someday.

Finally I found myself at All Natural, a really interesting place that just opened a few weeks ago. These guyz not only run a dispensary but also a radio station on the web at! It is new and clean and huge, and they have nice-looking healthy clones, a few good nugs, and the rest is all stuff that’s hard to find anywhere else…good edibles (6-dose cookies…dangerous! 🙂 of all types (they will even make you a custom birthday cake with weed in it…try that at Baskin-Robbins!) and hash oil and gold dust and kief and THC pills…I will be definitely doing tests on lots of this! Right now I’m working off one good hit of the smallest pinch of kief on top of what was sitting in my MFLB and I’m just fine and dandy 🙂

Then we went to Costco where we were treated to all kinds of free hors durvies, like mini pizzas and chai lattes and chocolate-covered acai and flavored popcorn for dessert. Then I found out he had never been to In-And-Out Burgers so I told him about the secret menu and that it was a great place for stoners because of the decent food. So we went there and I ordered him Animal Style and he loved it, but the best part is that he spotted two people there that we had seen at City of Trees! Then we figured they left In And Out so quickly because they thought we were following them and we looked like undercover cops!

P.S. Here’s the /r/trees version with comments and stuff…

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