Prop 19 Has Already Won…

…in terms of revitalizing the public discussion about the nation’s failed drug policies, according to this article on AlterNet. Best quote from the article: “Controlling and regulating marijuana will mean jobs and revenue that the state currently cedes to criminal cartels and the black market.” Yes, perhaps it took the state of the economy to […]

Ents Find Cannabis Cures Multiple Problems

In a beautifully written post on /r/trees, an Ent named Shinks7er summed up some of the ways that cannabis can help people with serious problems that aren’t always physical, but can often be life-changing. There are a number of excellent comments that tell their own stories here. My favorite quote is “Cannabis is LITERALLY the […]

Old Hippie Kenobi

Ask Old Hippie – My Teenage Daughter Started Smoking Pot

A very interesting post on /r/marijuana got over 100 thoughtful responses. Here was mine: …I think I might be relevant because I also have a 16-year-old at home (although I am a generation older than you…apparently I had kids late and you had them early). I also started smoking at 15 but hadn’t smoked for […]

Jimboy's Tacos

Tonight I watched the new Futurama (catch that “toke his medicine” line?) while eating an enchilada plate from Jimboy’s Tacos (“the Mexican fast food joint that doesn’t fuck up your orders like Taco Bell and actually tastes like real food, try the fish tacos OMG”). While my wife was sleeping in the other room. Drink: […]

SacramENTo Dispensary Tour Report

I finally got a chance to use the car today (my truck has been suffering with the Thermostat Gasket From Hell) so I met with my new friend Ay (who actually is 29 or so) and together we went to check out some dispensaries in the Carmichael area. I was looking for edibles and similar exotic […]

Official-Looking Anti-Marijuana Document Proves…Nothing

In response to this nonsense, as seen on /r/trees: Like most government propaganda, a lot of what Wikipedia calls “weasel words” and other techniques of stretching the truth and intimating things without actually lying 100% of the time, which would be too obvious. Actually, learning how these things are done — especially easy to do […]

My Secret Business Highdea

I used to work behind the counter at my grandfather’s candy store (this was a real NYC candy store in the 1950s) and I still remember how to make every kind of serious soft drink, including the infamous egg cream. In fact, I remember distinctly mixing Cokes. By hand. With syrup and seltzer. But wait, there’s […]