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Exploring Therapeutic Microdoses Of Cannabis

Exploring Therapeutic Microdoses Of Cannabis

I’ve been writing about my experiences of being a Medical Marijuana patient for two years now. I’ve often talked about the way I use cannabis: in small doses, not enough to get high, but enough to make a change. Suddenly (in the shower, of course!) a word came to me out of nowhere: microdose. I

Green Dragon cannabis indica tincture

Another Exciting Saturday Night At Old Hippie’s House

So there I was, heading for the refrigerator for turkey or something. I had been sitting at my desk for hours, quite focused on doing some writing and web programming, and I had forgotten all about that fun activity known as “eating”. This was bad, because apart from any of my other medical woes, I

Green Dragon cannabis indica tincture

Ask Old Hippie: How Do You Make Green Dragon?

Dear Old Hippie: For a while now, I’ve heard rumors about the legendary Green Dragon that can get you high anywhere without smoking, yet I’ve never heard of anyone selling it. What can you tell me about this fabulous beast? A: The Green Dragon — and his consort, The Gold Dragon — are indeed real.

The Magic-Flight Launch Box, aka MFLB (click for larger)

The 5 Biggest Myths About Medical Marijuana – Getting High – Day 2

You have to hand it to the U.S. Government. Without the money, might, and monotony of this monolith, it would have been impossible to suppress and distort the truth about cannabis – a plant used beneficially by humans for the last 5,000 to 10,000 years. But that’s in the past, because the truth — like a

Three insanely blue jars and one teeny tiny crock pot.

Support Your Local Thrift Store

…especially if it exists to support a good charity, in my case our local hospice. I went for a visit today, hoping to find some of those glass candy jars for curing an upcoming harvest for a buddy of mine. Little did I know that they recently had (I kid you not) a Candy Jar