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For those of us with severe pain without any pain relievers available that works with our conditions, and allergies to Opioids, we thank you. It is much more of an important available information that many can guess with misinformation floating around, everyone convinced our only interest is in getting high, when it isn’t the reason for use. Thank you from an old hippie, who was only 10 when Woodstock happened, but wanted to be there. Thanks again!

I am looking forward to any information-sharing and conversation with ya all! Thank you from an old hippie, who was also 11 years of age, hearing about Woodstock and considered hitchhiking to get there… oh well. Greetings from the high plains, and not being high, but the opportunity given here for this expression, is well, exciting! I am a chronic pain person with degenerative arthritis, also with fibromyalgia. Been through ALL the pharma(s), done with them ALL, and left with not much pain relief . We also have considered moving to a different state, haha. I would love the chance to have the relief everyone is talking about lately, The future looks bright, I may where my sunglasses at night! Peace.

Ouch, sorry to hear about all that pain! Sounds like you might benefit from looking into high CBD medicine, but still with some THC in it, because fibro usually involves several kinds of pain. Unfortunately you’re going to have to go to a “legal” state to find that. Hugs and nugs!

You need cbds and Cannabis Oil as well ASAP – You only have one life ~ why live in a state where you are not free to use Cannabis for your pain because of your Fibromyalgia
Google “Fibromyalgia and Cannabis”

Search information about it – don’t ever stop learning. If you have to stay in your state join your local Norml or start your own. Ask around for any compassionate person making canna butter or edibles to share with you. Don’t just sit back and be in pain. Do something about it!

Be that Advocate for Our Fight to Legalize Cannabis for Everyone

Going only from the information available on the web, Ananda Therapeutics seems to be a legit provider of essential oils who has recently gotten into CBD oils, rather than one of the many shady companies that didn’t exist at all until they popped up offering only CBD oil. So I’d personally be inclined to give their stuff a try if I had no access to CBD strains. I haven’t actually tried it though.

Hi there, I have posted to a couple of sites that you are in, I have a question about the decarb, I notice that you decarb in the MB2, 220f for an hour, do you have the desired liquid added at this point? Or can you do it dry? I saw somewhere, that you don’t decarbed properly if the herb is in the liquid…I have messed up a couple of batches of mbo and tincture…I am a bit shy to ruin more herb…:-) thanks so much for your knowledge.

Hmm, good question there! Normally when I do a separate decarb operation, it is indeed dry. But decarbing can definitely happen in liquid, as long as all the material gets to the right temperature. In fact, some people watch the gas bubbles coming off the cannabis while in the oil to know when the decarbing is done. So, the answer is yes, if you run your MB2 with liquid at 220F or higher for at least an hour, your cannabis should be fully decarbed. Nugs and hugs!

Hi, I have a genetic defect which causes unbearable pain from both my shoulders. Both sides are worn out between the joints. I have already had 4 surgeries to repair both left and right sides. Orthopedic surgeons have removed bone spurs, ground down joints, cut the AC joint to clear the lower joint from impinging. I’ve had a torn cartelage. Arthitis and tendonitis has worked its way in. I have my 5th. surgery coming up next month to remove my other AC joint from my left side. I’m limited to work 4 hrs. a day because I have lost strength in my arms and hands. It’s frustrating because it keeps me from working like I used to. Inflamation and cramping of the hands keeps me from working on Automobiles. I’m on controlled painkillers. And no longer can take ibuprofen for inflamation because it’s wrecking my kidney’s. Is there anything that will help with the throbbing through out both sides of my shoulders. I feel like this disorder is getting worse as the years go by. Thank you, Bill Lawrence.

Thanks, straight up, we’re still trying to legalise in Australia, a bit of hit and miss getting some oil here.

Hi Old Hippie
i had a small weed brownie piece on Dec 6 2014. The quantity i ingested through eating is not even 1/4th of a brownie which is 2″ X 2″ square brownie . I may have Drug test on April 15th of 2015. What are the chances of finding THC in my test. i am 5 7″ and 210 lbs. From Jan 2015 i have been consuming lots of lots of water nearly i gallon per day upto 45 days. i thinks from the time i ingested its been 4 months i haven’t consumed weed in any forms.

really thank you very much i am having sleepless nights i have drug test for my job oppurtunity i was so scared that it might show up i am thinking of drinking cranberry juice before i go to drug test on april 15th

Soney 7 will clean your system in 2 weeks when taken twice a day. Most Health food stores carry it. I bought a bottle over two years ago and still have half a bottle left. It is great for detoxification from any impurities in the blood and fat cells. Hope this helps. ~CC~ Stary

Is this where old puff’s come…..
I used to frequent a site called OverGrow but heard it got squashed.
Wise old guy by the name of Dr. Jay 2000 was a wealth of information, reminds me of an old hippie

I really like how you end your answers with nugs and hugs. It gives me a great positive feeling. Thank you for such an informative site

Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m pretty excited about our recent election and the Liberals winning. They promised to legalize mj… I remain an optimist at this point.
So… I’m trying to navigate around here, there has to be more than this page. Do I have to be a wordpress subscriber or where do I have to click to see?
Thanks in advance

HAHAHA ok so I smoked a little finger hash
I’ve got some old 1950’s computer with Windows 95… I think the phone line might have had a call on the other line as well….
I found some green coloured topics on the bottom displayed like a ransom note kinda cool effect really…
The adventure begins~! Wooha

Thanks for your site. I just wanted to let you know that it is really amazing up here in Washington State, since they legalized pot. Surprisingly the world did not end. The normal people did not go crazy and are now normal people who smoke some weed legally from time to time. Crime pretty much stayed the same and the real threat to life and limb, drunk drivers, are still out there doing their killing while complaining about the immoral pot smokers, who are going through a revolution with respect to using pot to fix our medical issues which we didn’t think were fixable.

I have been experimenting with different treatments for my wife who has guillain-barre syndrome (similar to MS, but more peripheral) and myself. I have pain from a lifetime of running long distance, plus chronic GE reflux. I have found that medical doctors are mostly morons when it comes to treating most illnesses involving neurology and pain. We have probably spent over $100,000 on medical treatment for my wife’s GB, and, in reality, the best treatment plan I got was from a guy from Mr;. Bill’s pot shop in Buckley, WA. He told me to try to balance out the CBD with the THC to arrive at the best treatment plan. He said that I might need to mix two strains together in the bowl to get the best result. We found what worked best was Girl Scout Cookie (12.6 to 6.2 %); Cannatonic (12.2 to 7.6 %); and Harlequin (11.1 to 8.9 %) CBD to THC, respectively. I also learned that you have to carefully examine each bag to check the exact values for CBD to THC, because they can vary tremendously because, according to my medical consultant in Buckley, of random cross pollination and mendelian genetics. Evidently high CBD individuals are rarer and must be separated out and self pollinated. I’d like to hear what you know about that.

Ultimately, I found that there is more than just the CBD/THC- you are right about there being other chemical factors involved. I can do the Girl Scout Cookies and get a horrible stomach ache; however, if I do the cannatonic, I feel fabulous despite the similar CBD to THC ratios. I also can work in the yard all day long, run, clean the house and feel great with the cannatonic, but feel blaa with an insatiable sex-drive, plus the stomach ache with the Girl Scout Cookies ??

My wife on the other hand feels neurological relief (she feels stuff) and no stomach trauma with the girl scout cookies. She is not as fond of the cannatonic except at bed where it drops her to sleep in short order. I also found that it is best to select a variety with a higher THC value prior to sleep (i.e. 11 to 13, white widow) or mixing a little high THC strain with your daytime treatment strain. Do you have any experiences like these to share? I am really curious. Thanks!

You bring up some interesting points, and I especially love this sentence so I’m going to highlight it as a quote:

We have probably spent over $100,000 on medical treatment for my wife’s GB, and, in reality, the best treatment plan I got was from a guy from Mr. Bill’s pot shop in Buckley, WA.

Yes, it’s true that high CBD plants (that are not from a high CBD strain) are rare; I believe they’re known as “sports” in genetics and that’s how evolution happens. Not sure about the self pollination part though, but I don’t know too much about growing.

The cause of the different effects from different strains is still unproven at this point. I personally believe it is quite a complex mix of THC:CBD ratio, terpenes, microcannabinoids, and the drying and curing cycle. It seems too flaky for most people, but in general, you take what you get and make the best of it! That’s why we stock up when we find something that works well for us.

So glad you folks are finding relief! Nugs and hugs and thanks for writing!

And everyone reacts differently too, so while we’ve talked about using indicas to sleep because that’s what works for us and for most people, you apparently do better with a high THC sativa. That’s stuff you can’t predict.

I have been making my own cannabis oil but have no idea how much CBD or THC is in it. Is there a way to find out?

Help! I’m Locked Down in Florida, Stuck on Fentanyl Patches.
That’s the only thing keeping me in this God Forsaken State. If I could get off this garbage maybe I could have a Life. I came here because my now dead mother lied and said she needed my help when my brother was 2 hours away and I didn’t know it. I left San Diego just before everything got even more mellow.

Sorry to hear it, Tim! Wish I could help you personally, but the good news is that more and more doctors and even politicians are realizing that cannabis can help with the need for opioids and even addiction to them!

I have been learning a lot about the benefits of cannabis. I have recently been making my own oil to put in my vape pen. It seems the more I learn the less I know.

I have RSD and I have been on a IMPLANTED morphine pump and I was looking for something else to make me feel better and I don’t get to sleep that much because of the pain has become increasingly more than anything and it has taken over my whole body now so I have been looking for something else to get me to vape in a vaporizer and this might be what I want to try. Thank You

Hi there, I’m Shawn and I’m in need of the Frankenstein oil recipe!!! So can you vtell me where I can find a printible version? From Shawn

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