Tony asked 11 months ago

Over the course of the last 53 days I have only smoked a total of 10 bong hits.  I went 19 days smoking nothing took 1 hit each over two days, Then went another 18 days smoking nothing and took 8 hits over 4 days. Now another 16 days smoking nothing but I still do not pass a urine test. I\’m 61 in great shape, do cardio work out four days a week in addition to martial arts  and have a below 20% body fat. What gives?  An ounce will last me over 3 months. Up until a year ago I would consistently test clean after stopping for anywhere from 11 – 15 days. What gives? Is this a result of turning 60? I am definitely just an occasional to moderate smoker. Any ideas?

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Old Hippie Staff answered 11 months ago

The test doesn’t know how old you are, but it’s possible you just have more body fat as you get older. But when you say you’re “smoking nothing but still taking bong hits”, you’re fooling yourself. Every “hit” is smoking, and you may be used to it, but a bong hit delivers quite a lot of THC. So…2 weeks off for someone who is actually a regular smoker (even taking 2 to 3 week T-breaks) is not long enough at all to test clean, even if it might have worked before.