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Corey asked 1 year ago

I have followed the MBM steps to perfection. Decarbed WITH 2 separate oven thermometers at 240 for 40 mins. 28 grams of gorilla glue into 2 cups of coconut oil. 2 hour butter setting. Let cool and filter.  I then put the oil into 00 caps and I feel nothing. When I put a large amount in a cup of tea, I get a weird head feeling, but defiantly not the effects of THC. What am I dong wrong? I have researched every where and I am not getting any answers.  

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Usually in these cases I see some glaring error, but from what you related, I can’t find one! It definitely sounds like you did everything right (assuming the cannabis was good). But…do you have experience with edibles? Some people have a particular digestion quirk that stops them from working well. You might try chewing a few antacid pills when you swallow your next capsules and see if that helps.