Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersWhat am I doing wrong? Part 2
corey asked 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your response! Yes I am very familiar with edibles, Have been a daily smoker for 15 years. I guess my only other question is… Is it possible that my flower didn’t decarb properly? My oven does fluctuate 20 degrees either way, so I was constantly adjusting the temp to compensate. The effects feel as if the flower is not decarbed. There is no way the flower was in the oven long enough to burn. IF this is the case, could I decarb the oil that I have in a water bath until it stops bubbling?
Thank you again!  

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Ah, something always comes out in the details! Yes, ovens fluctuate a bit , but “chasing the temperature” almost always does more harm than good. Preheat it, calibrate it, then set it and leave it alone! But the MBM does a certain amount of decarbing on its own, so it should have made up for it. It’s certainly a mystery as to how it could have failed to decarb after all that!
Unfortunately, a water bath cannot decarb because it will never go over 212F, so you’re half right…put your oil into a Pyrex container in a 250F oven with a glass door, and watch for the bubbles to stop. And please let us know if this worked! Nugs and hugs!