Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersWhat am I doing Wrong? IT WORKED!!
corey asked 1 year ago

Decided to bust out the toaster oven and calibrate it the best I could, and with a few minor dips and spikes in temp, it bubbled for a good 10-15 min and then stopped. Definitely more of a desired effect. Thank you so much for all the help. Will definitely decarb in the toaster oven next time around. Just to be clear, set toaster oven at 250 and 15 mins seemed to have been enough time. Going to try another small batch at a lower temp for longer and see if the results vary. 

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Thanks for the followup, and glad I could help you save your oil! Just to clarify, I generally don’t recommend toaster ovens for cooking and especially decarbing cannabis because the proximity of the heating elements can overheat the material. With your specific problem, the oil protected the raw cannabis from spot overheating so it worked out well. Nugs and hugs!