Myke asked 1 year ago

hey there. so, i got some grass valley orchards extra virgin olive oil, and is curious to know if i can drink it to feel high, or do i have to cook it with anything?  its my first time with oil like this. ive had dabs and all that, but never cooking oil with THC. Can i dip fries in it? or mix it with ketchup and do it that way? lol, sorry for all the questions. just curious about it. i had a friend say he wouldnt advise me to drink it straight…what can i do without cooking??  thanks for your time!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

High Myke,
Well, considering that cooking oil is usually dosed so as to provide effects when used in typical cooking quantities of one tablespoon, your friend is right: just drinking it straight like a beverage would be a Bad Idea.

I did some quick research and found that a single teaspoon of this brand contains 15 to 20 milligrams of THC, which is quite a bit. Considering that a tablespoon is the equivalent of 3 teaspoons, using a tablespoon of this on your salad (with some vinegar, of course) would net you around 50 mg of THC, which is five times the limit for a single recreational edible in Colorado.

So yes, you can use it almost anywhere in place of regular cooking oil, but be careful of dosage! Nugs and hugs!

P.S. You can make your own cannabis cooking oil easily with almost any vegetable or nut oil.