Nan asked 1 year ago

I have severe chronic pain now for 10 yrs. Eight months ago I told Pain Mgt. that I do not want to take the narcotics any more. Took a slow step down and now been without pills since Jan 2017. WEEE!!! Anyway as a old hippie myself I started to use cannabis a couple years ago to help with pain with wonderful results however was still drug tested randomly, so goodbye pain management. So my question is where can I buy edibles while living in Ohio? With not having narcotics anymore my pain is much higher now and smoking doesn’t last as long. I think the edibles would work better and last longer. Or be able to buy higher quality medical marijuana.

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Well, the good news is that Ohio has approved a medical marijuana law, and the bad news is that you probably won’t be able to buy anything legally there until late 2018. So you cannot buy edibles anywhere in your state legally yet, nor high quality medical cannabis. 
But that’s why we teach people like you how to make their own edibles (and many other things)!