Dean asked 1 year ago

So do I need to decarbonise my weed before putting it in my MB2e I’ve just ordered it an it seems different sites have different opinions im from Australia first time on here would really appreciate the advice, an what’s the best site for the recipes for the MB2e thanks mate

1 Answers
Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Yes, we’ve recommended many times that you decarboxylate your cannabis before using the MB2e, because for various reasons, the temperature settings on the newer units are not high enough to reliably perform this internally. Even the MBM people now recommend this!
As far as recipes…you’re making the ingredients to use in a recipe (infused oil, butter, tincture), so you can really use any recipe that contains the ingredient. You don’t need special cannabis recipes, almost anything that contains butter or oil or flambe will work (except deep frying because it will burn off the THC). But for the best taste, mix your infused ingredients half-and-half with un-infused (i.e. regular butter/oil). Nugs and hugs!