Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersCategory: DIY / EdiblesHow do I use this syringe of activated oil?
Baking Newbie asked 11 months ago

I bought a 1 gram syringe of “White Super Skunk Activated Oil” to make some edibles, but I have no idea how to use it. Do I need to mix it with butter or cooking oil first? Do I use the entire syringe with a stick of butter or a pound of butter? Where can I find detailed instructions?

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Old Hippie Staff answered 11 months ago

Yikes! What you have in your hands is kind of the “nuclear option” for edibles…it can be used easily, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, things could end quite badly. So I’m going to try to help!
I’m going to make a number of assumptions here, because I can’t find an exact reference to that stuff anywhere online. It’s a 1 gram syringe, so it’s probably labeled with 0.1 ml markings, and it says “activated”, which hopefully means it’s decarboxylated in advance so you can use it in edibles.
The other thing about a gram of oil is that it’s quite likely to have around 75% THC content, which means that syringe contains around 750 mg of THC, which is the basic material to make 75 Colorado-legal 10 mg edibles, or “way too strong” if you make less than that number. Do not mix the entire syringe with anything unless you are cooking for an entire hippie festival!
So the real question is what do you mean by “making some edibles”? Do you know what dosage you’re trying to make? Do you have any idea of what kind of food you want to make? If not, I suggest getting a package of Ghiardelli’s amazing triple chocolate brownies mix, which not only bakes at the ideal temperature but is tasty and foolproof. The recipe needs only a small amount of oil and makes around a dozen brownies if I remember correctly. If you cut them a bit smaller to get 15 or so, we can work with that!
So remember I said there’s about 750 mg of THC in the whole syringe? One tenth of that (0.1 ml of oil) would be 75 mg, and two tenths (0.2 ml of oil) would come to 150 mg. Take the amount of vegetable oil (canola or whatever) you’re going to cook with, heat it up briefly in the microwave, squirt 0.2 ml of your cannabis oil into that, and stir until dissolved. Now make your brownies, secure in the knowledge that each one should have only about 10 mg. THC, and remember that it can take up to 4 hours for it to work, so don’t take more than one before you feel it!