Terry Jackson asked 1 year ago

The first one didn’t go through, so I have a pure CBD softgel capsules that are 5mg CBD and 495mg of organic hemp seed oil, how much would my 60lb dog get of these 5mg softgels

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

I don’t quite understand the question. 
It sounds like you have capsules that are 500 mg total, but only 1% of that is active ingredients (CBD). 
If you’re asking me how many to give your dog, the answer is “I don’t know”, because I don’t know why you want to give this to your dog, and there is no established dosage for dogs. I can tell you that 5 mg of CBD is a good starting dose for a human, depending on their condition, and that CBD can’t get either a human or dog high, and that 5 mg of CBD doesn’t sound like a crazy high amount to give to a dog that weighs half as much as a human.