Mandy asked 12 months ago

Hey there! Love that I found your blog, so useful.  We are new to the world of cbd oil vape….I just started vaping it for my anxiety and stress.  it’s working wonders.  So my husband wanted to try to make his own cbd oil….  He looked up videos and articles on how to do it of course and finally has his first batch.  After trying it it still has a very heavy odor.  we have kids so we don’t want the house smelling like pot lol.  Tastewise he has mixed it with a gummy bear vape mixture and taste fine.  Is there anything in your knowledge that you can give me advice for the smell.

Mandy H

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Old Hippie Staff answered 12 months ago

Just to clarify, are you talking about controlling the odor when he makes the oil, or when he vapes it? I’m going to assume the latter for now, partly because I obviously don’t know what process he uses to make the oil. 
Mixing it with something else that smells on its own, as it sounds like he did, is a good idea. My personal, all-time favorite method of covering up the smell is making some microwave popcorn, because that smells exactly like over-vaped cannabis! But you reminded me that I do want to write an article on how to make a sploof. And that’s the name of what he should Google to learn how to make (at least until I write the whole thing up)…it involves the cardboard from a toilet or towel paper roll, some activated carbon from an aquarium store, and some rubber bands, and exhaling through it will absolutely remove the smell.