Gil asked 11 months ago

Hi Old hippie,

I just found your site…I’m so happy. I finally convinced my mom to start using mj for her rheumatoid arthritis and chronic back pain for 10 years. I make glycerine tincture with MBM for her (I know what I’m doing is not legal.) She is on her second batch so you know it’s working …she is slowly weaning off prescription med. I’ll happily go to prison than continued to see her suffer, but I’m so looking forward to 2018 when it becomes legal in Canada. Even though I’m willing to serve prison time, I shit my pants every time a cop drives down my street…lol.

She is not interested in the high of THC, so kindly suggest strains/seeds with high CBD level and that is feminised with medium/high yield for outside planting.

There is so much information out there that for a newbie it’s overwhelming and confusing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is much appreciated.

Best Regards!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 11 months ago

So glad to hear that what you’re doing is working well for her! But medical MJ is already quite legal in Canada, so you can just apply for proper documentation, stop worrying about police and RCMP and prison, and come out of the shadows! 
I’m not sure what strains are available in Canada, so it doesn’t make sense for me to wax eloquent on “my favorite CBD strains” if you can’t get them. But you already know what you want: high CBD with high yield suitable for outdoor planting. Find whatever sources of seeds or clones you can, and get a few different ones from them. That way, if one is “ideal on paper” but proves delectable to your local bugs, you still have the other ones, and any one of them will help your mom. Your mom will still likely need THC, but adding CBD to the mix will reduce the high “side effect”. Great work caring for your mom too. Nugs and hugs!