D asked 1 year ago

Hi Old Hippie, thanks for all the helpful info on your site.  I am trying to treat chronic pain with cannabis but it is not legal where I live.  It is not a medicinal strain. We followed your instructions to make cannabutter and I took 1/2 tsp to try and thought it did nothing.  However 3 hours 40 min later it kicked in pretty strong (6-7 on your scale).  I am wondering if the delayed effect is normal and this is how it should work?  It worked well for my pain.  Also, I was wondering if you have any info about making tea from cannabis and its effectiveness?  Much appreciated!

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Old Hippie Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi D ho!
Yes, this is quite normal, although on the long side. If you just ate that small amount of straight cannabutter with no additional food, there probably wasn’t enough fat in that piece to kick your body’s fat digestion system into gear, and that made it take much longer. I always recommend that people eat a moderate-sized fatty meal (cheeseburger is about perfect) with any edible for best and fastest results (see this article for more details).
As far as cannabis tea, that’s a no-can-do, because THC is not water-soluble. Instead, you could try infusing milk or cream and adding that to your tea. Many people have tried this, though, and it’s difficult because the heat used generally causes the milk to scald. So I recommend making tincture instead, as it has a long shelf life, it’s easy to do, and it works with almost any drink (although it tastes best in strong flavors like coffee and soda pop). Nugs and hugs!