Ask Old Hippie Questions and AnswersCategory: DosageCan you help me analyze lab reports of cannabis oil?
Hydrio asked 6 years ago

Hi Old Hippie,
Would you be able to help me analyze the lab results for this cannabis oil?
My brother will be taking it internally to try help this thyroid condition/goiter. 
I want to use your OHM formula to help him figure out dosing so that he does not feel overly high from it to begin, but am not sure how to begin the math.  I have been told by the grower that this cannabis oil is around 70% active ingredients, but I am not sure how he knows this or if the lab report says this. 
Here is the lab report for the canabinols:
Thank you for any insight you can provide.
🙂 H

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Old Hippie Staff answered 6 years ago

Fascinating stuff here, and your lab seems to be on the ball with picking up all the cannabinoids!
OK, the first thing I will point out is that your oil is already fully decarboxylated, so it’s ready for ingestion. This is shown by the row underneath each entry for the “acid form” (which is carboxylic acid, simply the carboxyl molecules dissolved in water) saying “ND” (meaning “not detected”; on other reports it might be zero or a very small number).
Next up, we have the actual percentage amounts, by weight, of each cannabinoid. The main one you’re looking for here is THC (at the top), which says that it’s 58.4%. If you add that and all the other cannabinoids listed (active ingredients), you get 63.877, so not quite 70%, but well within reasonable variation for batches of cannabis.
Now, I’m not quite sure of how much of this oil you have, but now you know that S should be 58.4 and hopefully you can figure out how much to give him from there. You’d want to start with 3 to 5 mg THC as a first dose, and see how he reacts to that (waiting 4 hours to see what happens) before increasing anything. 
If you have a very small bottle, or it’s actual “hash oil” that comes in a syringe or semi-solid form, you may be better off if you were to dissolve it in liquid coconut oil, which would let you give a reasonable size dosage (in terms of volume) without giving too much of a dosage (in terms of milligrams). 
P.S. If the oil you bought is measured in milliliters rather than grams, write back and I’ll help you do the calculations. I’ll help either way if you’re confused or anything. You’ve done everything right so far and I want to help you keep doing it right and hopefully help your brother!