420 J is for Joint

Back To Vaping and Happy Bicycle Day!

Those of you into psychedelic drugs, especially LSD, know that today is universally celebrated as Bicycle Day, the anniversary of the first intentional LSD trip. On this date, back in 1943, Albert Hofmann experimented with 250 ug. of LSD and started feeling…strange, so he rode back home on his bicycle and felt even stranger. By […]

Granny Storm Crow

Granny Storm Crow’s Medical Marijuana Research List January 2016

Granny Storm Crow has been carefully compiling and disseminating this vast collection of information quietly and freely for years, and is a true grassroots pioneer of simply telling the truth about cannabis. And we help support her, by distributing her list equally freely. But I must warn you…it’s now up to 20 honking megabytes, despite being […]