DIY Mini-Bong or Vape Pen Bubbler

DIY $3.50 Mini-Bong Vape Pen Bubbler

People use bongs (aka water pipes) because they cool off the smoke and make it easier on your throat and lungs. Bongs work amazingly well with vapor too, but you hardly need a large or expensive bong for the amount that comes out of a vape pen. I came up with this design for my wife Felicity. Felicity has allergies and lung problems and can absolutely not smoke, but occasionally needs a quick hit of indica for panic attacks. She’s used my vape pens (with good CO2 oil and wax only!) but is always concerned about coughing. So, after running all over the place looking for the diamond-studded hole saw I bought for my somewhat-epic “How To Make Your Own Bong” article, I was finally able to put this all together. The balsamic vinegar was even on sale, so the parts for one cost less than $4!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • About 6″ (or 15 centipedes) of thick hose that snugly fits the mouthpiece of any vape pen you happen to have. I just happen to have two very common ones and a piece of 3/8″ ID air hose happened to fit them both. Take your clean mouthpieces (by themselves, if possible, to avoid embarrassing questions, which you could always answer with “science project”) down to your local hardware store to find the right hose. The stuff I got was $0.99/foot, the minimum they will sell you.
  • A diamond-tipped hole saw that will fit the OD (outside diameter) of the hose you bought. It will probably be around 5/8″, so here’s a random listing on Ebay selling them for less than $3 apiece.
  • Star brand balsamic vinegar. The tiny (250 ml.) bottle I bought is the perfect size for use with a vape pen or for stealth, but they have larger (and more stable) sizes available if you want to actually smoke out of it.

The steps are fairly simple:

  1. Open the bottle, pry off the plastic insert that lets the vinegar flow smoothly onto your salad, and pour the contents into another bottle (it’s food, don’t waste it!). Recycle the cap and the insert.
  2. Fill the bottle with cold water, and then drill the hole using a battery-powered drill at high speed using eye protection on a plain portion of the upper surface (away from the embossed logos) so that the hose will end up at about a 45° angle. Use the safety instructions I wrote up here!
  3. Wash out the bottle carefully and remove all the glass powder and etc.
  4. Stick the hose in the bottle. If it’s not a tight fit, wrap it with some electrical (or better: silicone repair) tape until it stays in nicely.
  5. Now fill it with water up to the hole, stick your vape pen in the end, hit the button, and inhale!
  6. If you’re a smoker and not a vaper, I recommend a 3/4″ hole, a grommet to fit, and a 14mm downstem that nicely fits your bottle of choice. But in an emergency, you could stick the proverbial trumpet mouthpiece in/over the end.

So of course I gave Felicity the first shot at this thing. She took a huge hit and didn’t cough at all. Then I took a huge hit and only coughed twice, but I didn’t really even feel the vapor in my throat the way I usually do. Such a big hit usually triggers a full-on coughing fit for me, so I think it was quite a success!

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Get the Newest Granny Storm Crow’s List Here (July 2014 edition)

Granny Storm Crow’s List is finally here again! It’s the world’s most authoritative and complete collection of links to scholarly research and other articles about the medical effects of cannabis, and it’s now over 1700 pages!

Click on any of the above links to get a free PDF of the section you want, or click this for a ZIPped archive of all the files.


Warning: Do Not Vaporize Edible Cannabis Oil

I have been seeing way too many people confused about this online, so I have decided to publish this content here in advance from our upcoming book (details to be released soon). Stay safe!

Hash Oil is the essence of cannabis that has been extracted so there’s nothing left but the raw cannabinoids. It is thick and oily in texture, but is not real oil, even though it’s called hash oil. This is intended for vaporizing (“dabs” or “e-dabs“).

Edible oil is made from actual oil (butter, coconut oil,  olive oil, or other edible oil) which has had the cannabinoids infused into it by heat. This is intended for oral consumption, baking into edibles, or used in Canna Caps. You do not and must never smoke or vaporize this kind of oil, because that could cause you to develop Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia (ELP).

According to, symptoms of this condition include progressive shortness of breath, lung hemorrhage, fatigue, fever, night sweats, and dry cough. Left untreated, any pneumonia can be life-threatening. At the very least, this condition can cause serious lung damage.

Please be informed about what you’re doing, because ignorance of this can be life-threatening. You have been warned!
— Old Hippie

THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture -

How To Make THC E-Cig Juice Using MBM Glycerin Tincture

When we reviewed the Magical Butter Machine, I used it to make a batch of glycerin tincture, and then added, almost as a throwaway line, that “this needs just one more step to make e-cig juice”. I’m glad that so many people are careful readers, because a number of them have been noodging me to tell them how ever since. In any case, your patience has finally paid off, just please don’t hate me when you see how easy it is :-)

Most available tinctures are alcohol-based. It’s generally not economical for commercial producers to make glycerin-based tincture, because glycerin doesn’t seem to be as good as dissolving cannabinoids as alcohol, so it takes far more cannabis to make the finished product strong enough for most people. But when you do it yourself, everything becomes much more affordable if it works.

As I related in the second half of the MBM product review, I had never been able to successfully make a good glycerin tincture before I got my Magical Butter Machine. But once I made two cups of the good stuff, the first thing I did after trying a few dropperfuls (whee!) was to see how it worked as e-cig juice (which was another thing I had been trying to work out). Because…

The vegetable glycerin you use to make glycerin tincture is exactly the same stuff that’s mixed into e-juice!

So really all you have to do is add some PG (propylene glycol) to dilute it so it’s the correct viscosity, and you’re done. I poured a small amount of my finished tincture into a calibrated shot glass, then added PG using an oral syringe at about 1/3 (30%) on top of the original volume and mixed well. I was trying to get close to the viscosity (“runniness”) of e-juice while adding as little PG as possible, to keep it strong. Many people prefer to get big clouds of vapor, so feel free to add lots more PG. A common ratio is 80% PG to 20% VG (which is simply your tincture).

Here’s the final result, loaded into a clearomizer, and it works quite well:

20140813 224547 555x800 555x360 How To Make THC E Cig Juice Using MBM Glycerin Tincture

THC E-Cig Juice from Tincture

It did take a full ounce of cannabis (in the original 2 cups of vegetable glycerin) to make this stuff work so well (not to mention the Magical Butter Machine itself and some lecithin), so there’s a certain amount of expense involved. And it would take you a long time to go through 3 cups of e-juice! But glycerin-based tincture is great to have around for lots of other reasons:

  • You can put a dropperful or two into your morning coffee or tea (it even acts as a sweetener!)
  • You can put it into soft drinks.
  • You can use it as a base for making medicated candy or other sweet treats.
  • You can just put it under your tongue, where you will feel it almost as fast as smoking.

Just please be careful and don’t leave this or any dosed food or drinks where children, pets, or non-MMJ patients could get to it by mistake.

Important note! As one of the commenters reminded me, lecithin is considered safe for oral consumption only! So if your intent is to make e-juice, please do not add lecithin to the mix, because nobody knows if it’s safe to inhale.

Kiva Chocolate Bar

Katching Up With the Kushashians

Sigh. Life isn’t always easy, even when you think things are going pretty well. Or some would say…especially when you think things are going pretty well.

I haven’t written anything here in about six weeks, not because I didn’t have anything to write about, but because I’ve been overthinking again, I guess. I felt like I had my depression well under control, and we had just finished a successful trip to the High Times SF Medical Cannabis Cup. I had taken some decent photos and gotten some great material for lots of articles.

And then a bunch of things happened. First, I uploaded a set of pictures the first night I was back and proudly posted them to /r/trees — as if I was on some deadline and couldn’t wait to finish an article about it here — but literally nobody saw them. That hurt my ego, so to get back at myself I didn’t write an article.

Now I was feeling sorry for myself, but then Felicity came down with some mystery ailment involving a lot of pain, swelling, and several visits to the doctor over a few weeks. I’m hoping to write about our approach to this particular new challenge, because it involved much higher doses of Canna Caps than we ever thought we’d be dealing with. But although she’s finally getting back to normal and it wasn’t anything actually serious, it really stopped her from most all normal activities for a solid month at least. And it took a great deal of my time and energy too, in terms of caring for her, helping her figure out which capsules to take when, doing chores around the house for both of us, etc.

All this made me feel even worse, because I lose a lot of my hope and self-esteem and drive when my love and partner is sick, and part of me felt that I should have been able to take better care of her (I’m notoriously hard on myself). So I fell back into some old mental habits and patterns, such as a writer’s block like I haven’t seen in over 30 years, and then beating myself up for not writing a number of articles I had promised would be finished many weeks before, which of course led right to the same kind of depression I was dealing with 5 years ago.

Then I decided I would write this article to explain it all, and I’ve been staring at that blank screen for over a week now.

So it was just this evening that I said to Felicity…”Hey! You know what, I’m depressed again and back to a lot of my old habits, and all I’ve been doing has been taking heavy indicas to numb myself so I could fall asleep, so what I should do is go Back To Basics and help myself feel happy again, so it’s Sour Diesel and Kiva chocolates for me!”

Well, I did procrastinate like hell after that anyway, but then again…I got this article done in one sit-down. So things are definitely looking up!