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One Reader’s Experience Making Canna Caps

This is  a great response to my article, “How To Make Your Own Canna Caps”, that a reader known as Chuy left in the comments section, but I thought it was so good it deserved to be seen right here. I didn’t think you could cram so much potent goodness into one capsule! Nugs and hugs and thanks again, Chuy! — OH

I made these using Old Hippie’s recipe as a base with a Rival Slow Cooker (2 Liter – about $15). I used about ¼ oz. of med-high bud, wrapped it in foil, and decarbed it at 225° F for about an hour. After decarbing, I bypassed the Diamond Grind for a much easier (for mass quantities – see TIP below) coffee grinder ($5) and added what had now become marijuana powder to 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil ($7 at the grocery store) in the Rival Slow Cooker. I cooked on low for the first hour, took a sample, then turned it down to the warm setting. I put the sample into a capsule and set aside to check for potency later. The 1 hour sample proved to be much less potent.

wQfCSvF 300x278 One Readers Experience Making Canna Caps

Making Cannabis Oil for Capsules

After 3½ hours in the slow cooker, I strained the oil through a thick coffee filter into a double shot glass, using a garlic press to get the last drops out. After letting the oil cool a bit, I used a standard oral syringe (free at my pharmacy’s counter) to fill up my #00 sized caps (a couple of American dollars for 100 capsules at the pharmacy counter). I didn’t have a capsule holder (or ammo holder), so I held each capsule by hand while I filled it up. This took a while, but I was watching a movie and content to go about my work. I was not (heavily) medicated.


I ended up with about 50 pills that are quite strong. One pill will skyrocket the average person to a nearby galaxy. I would never give one to an inexperienced person; these pills are too concentrated (Remember the ¼ oz of good bud). Because of my high tolerance, however, they are very much a maintenance dose. I can take one of these pills when I wake up that will last almost until noon. If taken 30 minutes before lunch, I can cruise through the workday medicated without getting stoned or worrying about my performance. Last night I took 3 at the beginning of the evening and 3 more about 3 hours later. I was stoned and only functional as long as I didn’t have to remember anything for longer than 5 seconds…fun Saturday night.

The capsules I have are clear, so I can see the contents. When refrigerated, some small, burnt-looking herb particles settle to the bottom and the green oil congeals above it. When the pills reach the 70°F mark, the oil melts and mixes with the herb particles to make a nice dark gold color.


  • Next time, I’m getting a thermometer and/or I’m going to stir every 30 minutes. My bud looked a little burnt.
  • If you use a coffee grinder, please read what it does to your bud. Don’t waste the good stuff. Grinding by hand is far superior.
  • The coconut oil will likely be solid at room temp, so warm it up in your slow cooker before adding the bud.
  • Regarding the smell: the popcorn worked, but I found the ultimate cover smell – liver sautéed on the stove. Breakfast sausage patties are even better if you don’t like liver.

If you want to stay high for a long time, take an edible on an empty stomach, then eat a meal about 30 to 60 minutes later. About 45 minutes after dinner, take another edible. The first one should kick in close to dinner. The other one will kick in much later in the evening, several hours, and send you flying out of nowhere. Remember – everyone is different, but the First Pass phenomenon is fun to play with if you are comfortable and experienced.


Eat Like a Hippie with Pot Peace Pasta (Easy Edibles Recipe)

This article actually started a few months ago. Felicity and I were doing some food shopping, and as per usual on shopping trips, I was a little high (makes it a lot more interesting). If I remember correctly, we were bouncing around Whole Foods, where we go occasionally for special treats, when I suddenly saw a box of Sixties!

annies peace pasta Eat Like a Hippie with Pot Peace Pasta (Easy Edibles Recipe)

It was technically just a box of Annie’s macaroni and cheese like we’ve been buying for years (figuring if the kids were going to eat this stuff, they might as well get it organically), but it reminded me of this groovy iced tea can I picked up after the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock festival (only 20 years ago). And peace signs, baby!

yasgur can 587x1024 Eat Like a Hippie with Pot Peace Pasta (Easy Edibles Recipe)

Anyway, I knew I had to get a couple of boxes of this limited-edition-looking Hippie Pasta (actual name: Annie’s Homegrown Organic Peace Pasta & Parmesan) before it disappeared, and it took me only about 420 milliseconds to think ahead to the future when I would make a batch of it with cannabutter. And that time is now.

cannabutter 1024x848 Eat Like a Hippie with Pot Peace Pasta (Easy Edibles Recipe)

The original recipe is quite simple as it mostly involves boiling water, but if you read the box carefully, it also talks about enhancing the flavor by adding two tablespoons of butter. So if you’re new to edibles, know you’re fairly sensitive, or otherwise want to play it safe, use only one tablespoon of cannabutter and then another tablespoon of “regular” unsalted, uncannabinized butter. And then a single, unheaped serving on a 6″ appetizer/dessert plate should be just fine for you (it got me to a quite woozy [6] because this particular batch is kind of old and much of the THC has degraded to CBN).

—> Please note: the recommended serving size is approximately 1/4 of what you get from making the whole box <—

If you’re a recreational user or already know you have a high tolerance, feel free to use two tablespoons of cannabutter, but still start with the same size serving. I also recommend a little pepper to help disguise the taste of the cannabis (noticeable, but not too bad, at least with the half and half method I used).

hippie pot peace pasta 1024x685 Eat Like a Hippie with Pot Peace Pasta (Easy Edibles Recipe)

As with all edibles, keep far out of reach of children, pets, or unsuspecting adults, because you will not be able to tell this has been “dosed” by looks alone (you can see there’s no green tinge to it). If you really feel absolutely nothing after 4 hours, then next time double the dose, but don’t just keep eating this stuff otherwise, because it will definitely work! Of course, only the tie-dyed version is guaranteed to work with weed :-) But pretty much any mac and cheese recipe works about the same way, so stay safe and have fun!


Love Flies Out the Door When Money Comes In the Window

OK, folks, I wanted to come up with some great holiday/New Year’s message of peace, love, and all that other great hippie stuff. I’ve been feeling some of this for awhile now, but it’s recently gotten much worse, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to speak up.

To me, cannabis is a plant that can help people medically, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m quite aware that some people see it literally as “the devil’s lettuce”, and that some of them happily lie and spread hysteria about it. Some of those people are well-meaning but ignorant or misguided, but a great many are making money from their anti-cannabis attitude, and they don’t care who they hurt in the long run as long as they get their money. So it is with the federal government and its minions, too, and the less said about them, the better.

But I’m here today to talk about our own people. Pro-cannabis advocates and activists, many of whom are now shredding each other in public. It’s really quite frightening.

peter mcwilliams

Remembering Peter McWilliams

I’ve been resisting writing this article for weeks, and it’s taken me hours to figure out why.

To do that, I went through all the research I would have to go through anyway to write the article, so really not too much loss of time there. But I did have to take some serious hits of indica, because now I indeed remember exactly why I put the sad tale of Peter McWilliams into the back of my subconscious. And it’s not pretty.

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CBD Tincture For a Happy Family Danksgiving

CBD tincture 640x360 CBD Tincture For a Happy Family Danksgiving
So here it is almost Danksgiving. It’s the middle of the night here right now, and I’ve just finished making a special “emergency” batch of CBD tincture for Felicity.

Felicity gets quite anxious at family events, especially big ones like Thanksgiving when we get together with our older son’s in-laws. They’re quite a traditional and judgmental bunch, so you can imagine how well they get along with us :-) The thing is…Felicity is also afraid to get high at these events, so she usually undermedicates and ends up feeling stressed. Personally, I can’t stand these get-togethers unless I’m at least at a [6], because I need a permanent smile on my face and a strong feeling of “Yeah, whatever” to face the in-laws.