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He’s not a doctor, lawyer, or other big cheese, but he does have lots of experience with weed in almost every form (as well as a number of other drugs and their interactions) and it goes all the way back to 1967!

Old Hippie has been writing his advice column since 2010 and his articles have appeared in Treating YourselfThe 420 TimesWeedistreddit, and Beyond Chronic.





Hey Man 😎
I just read your Bio and I think I may have finally found someone actually knowledgeable enough to provide me with some straight up information about dosing for depression. So in 2009 before we were dating, and we were just friends, my guy Gene was in a near fatal accident, T-boned by a fully loaded 80,000 pound chemical tanker going 65 miles an hour. He says he died three times from ethe time of impact, until they finally stabilized him @ the hospital. In 2016 I started teaching myself how to make cannabis edibles with the goal of using them to replace the opioid painkillers way too many of my friends and family members were becoming dependent on to deal with their aches and pains. Gene was weaning himself off the painkillers, but wasn’t sold on cannabis as a medical alternative. Not only does he deal with pain from injuries i he suffered as a result of the accident, He’s been dealing with depression and PTSD also. I finally convinced him to try cannabis and I taught him how to make butter and oil. He then started medicating with chocolate chip cookies. the effect was immediate and positive and we began dating. Because he was not properly dosing he was getting too high, and it scared him away from cannabis. He then sought pharmaceuticals as a treatment. I’ve been trying to convince him to give cannabis another try with the right strain and the right dosage so he doesn’t feel stoned all the time. I did not know it, but recently he stopped taking his pharmaceuticals, they weren’t helping him anyway.. he has agreed to try cannabis again in search of relief. This is where I need your help Daddio. I have access to some affordable strains of varying types and I’m pretty good at, but still learning about converting the flower into different medicinal products. What I’m not so good at are dosage amount, strains iand mediums best suited for his needs. I need DYI recipes, because the dispensary products in my state are way overpriced and getting a medical card is not doable for him because he is an avid hunter. Can you help a girl out? Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.

Mary, everything you need is in the older articles here. You have to try strains individually to find out which ones work best for him. It can be a long process but there is NO way to predict what might work in advance. That said, a combination of CBD with OG-style indicas (like kushes) is usually the best place to start for pain. Good luck! — OH

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