Old Hippie Finally Snaps (or, The Perfect Cannatonic)

…well, it was more of a screech.

See, I have to renew my driver’s license, and I’ve been meaning to contact my local California DMV office for a week or two, but I kept forgetting during working hours, since I tend to start late in the day anyway. So I set an alarm on my phone, and when it went off to remind me, I was very busy editing an article, but I stopped what I was doing and went to call the DMV like a good little citizen.

But then I got pissed off because the form told me to contact my local DMV office but didn’t say how. I didn’t want to find a paper phone directory and look it up, even if we still had one. So I looked at the form for the URL so I could try it online and they didn’t have it there either, but then I remembered it from seeing it on just about every license plate in California so I went there. And then the site wasn’t as obvious as I thought it should have been about how to find stuff, so when I finally dug down to my local DMV office for the phone number…I saw it was the same as the phone number for every other DMV office anyway. So why didn’t they just say that in big letters on the front of the form in the first place?!?!?!

And here I thought I was properly medicated, because I had taken an LA Confidential (light) capsule earlier. I guess I really underestimated my upsetness level. Can you tell I have a paperwork phobia? Can you see why?

So a few minutes later, when I was knee-deep in the middle of a conversation with the DMV’s voice-response bot (and just wait till you hear how fast this moron spits out your 420-digit confirmation number), and my dear wife Felicity innocently came over to ask me a question, I answered her, which ticked off the voice response bot and forced it to start over, which ticked me off…I’m afraid I snapped at poor Felicity. Or at least screeched.

She ran away, and I barked at that VR bot until I was done with the thing, and then I took a deep breath and thought about how best and fastest to straighten out my head, and thought of Cannatonic, which is one of the high-CBD strains I picked up last time I was in San Francisco. It’s not only an indica, but an indica with almost a 2:1 CBD:THC ratio (at least, this particular batch is), so I figured it would be pretty good against my anxiety and jumpiness.

Cannatonic To the Rescue

Cannatonic high CBD strainFour medicinal puffs from my MFLB later, and suddenly I felt a whole lot calmer and better. Not high (because of the relatively low THC content) and no real “drugged-up” feeling, but just with no desire to bite anyone’s head off. So I apologized to Felicity, went back to editing, and all’s well that ends well.


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