Happy 75th Birthday, Marijuana Prohibition! Now Crawl Off and Die.

October 1, 1937 was the sad day that the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 took effect, turning the harmless cannabis plant overnight from being a useful source of fiber and medicine to the evil devil weed and assassin of youth. Well, not really, but that was the effect.

And the Federal government lumbered on for the last 75 years, spouting its lying propaganda like a gigantic ocean liner ejecting dirty bilge water into the harbors of our minds. This poisoned the very thoughts of Americans, many of whom still believe that cannabis is a dangerous drug — simply because the government (who they basically distrust the rest of the time) says so — even though it’s been used safely by humans for at least 5,000 years.

But now that some of us American humans have been using it safely, medically, and (mostly) legally for the last 16 years, things are starting to change. People have woken up to the fact that their kids, their cousins, their parents, and even their grandparents are using it every day to support their health and well-being. And nothing bad is happening to them.

And that’s why a huge percentage of Americans — over 70% by most estimates — now support medical marijuana, and why a clear majority support legalized marijuana for adult recreational use. There are three states with legalization on the ballot this November, and at least two of them have a good chance at passing. It’s time we turned around this sick War On Drugs (which is really a war on our own people) and started doing something about it.

And now we can. Just Say Now and Yes On 64 are working together to help get the word out about Amendment 64 in Colorado. You can sign up to make phone calls (they will help you with everything) to voters in Colorado to help give them facts about marijuana legalization, or simply donate money if you prefer. All it takes is one state to break the logjam…we proved that in 1996 in California with medical marijuana!

If you need any further impetus, please read this fantastic essay by Vivian McPeak.

Update: Talk to Your Parents, Grandparents; Help End Prohibition Now


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