How To Make Old Hippie’s AVB Pot Pizza

I am very gratified that so many people love and appreciate my cannabis cooking recipes ( How To Blast Off with Nutella Firecrackers is currently closing in on There’s No Such Thing As Marijuana for the top all-time article here). But I figure that almost everything can be improved, so that’s why I came up with this impossibly cool recipe for Pot Pizza. What so great about it?

  • It takes less than a minute to prepare.
  • It’s totally stealth. You can’t smell it, and you could eat it right in front of your parents (or your kids!) without them knowing.
  • It’s almost foolproof.
  • It’s made from freaking pizza, one of the four basic food groups, so it causes and cures the munchies simultaneously!

As I’ve taught my kids, there’s almost always a “catch” to everything and there’s one for this too. Pot Pizza just doesn’t work with weed right out of the bag, so to speak. You have to use AVB (and since I just realized I’ve actually somehow never written an article about the amazing stuff known as AVB, I just did!). But if you don’t have any, never fear because my AVB article even tells you how to make some (you do actually need some cannabis for this…).

Here’s how to do it and why it works. You’ll need:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of ABV (Already Been Vaped). If using decarbed weed, only use 1/4 teaspoon!
  • one slice of ABC pizza (Already Been Cooked)

See, pizza is cooked at 400°F or more, and that temperature is high enough to vaporize all the THC right there in your oven. On the other hand, raw cannabis doesn’t work well in your body because it has to be heated hot enough to decarboxylate first, but that takes a relatively long time.

So, by simply reheating some already-prepared pizza in your microwave, we’ll be able to use AVB (which has already been decarboxylated by virtue of your vaping it) at a high enough temperature (to mix it with the fat in the cheese) but a short enough time (to avoid vaporizing off any more cannabinoids).

How I Did It

Sprinkle your AVB on your slice as if it was oregano (in fact, feel free to add some oregano too). If you have pepperoni or other toppings on your pizza, pull them off temporarily, because you want the AVB directly contacting the cheese.

Now heat the slice in your microwave oven for about 20 seconds (for thin crust) or 30 seconds (for thick pizza, as shown in the photo). You want the cheese hot enough to just start melting (again as shown in the photo); if it isn’t, try bursts of 10 seconds until the cheese melts.

AVB On Pizza After Heating

AVB on Pizza After Heating

Now eat your pizza, and do something else for awhile. I’ve kept a log (below) of exactly what happened to me the first time I tried it, so you can see why it’s important to wait for at least two hours before you even think of trying another slice. In fact, in subsequent experiments I’ve even felt surges of highness up to four hours after eating Pot Pizza. I think it’s the cheese physically getting around the AVB goodness, and slowing down or causing “pockets” of digestion. And don’t forget, it’s an edible (duh!), which means the entire experience will last 4 to 6 hours or more.

Don’t mess with the actual dosage of weed on the pizza unless you really know what you’re doing, because (a) too much of this will taste bad (b) it’s easy to take way too much if you don’t measure carefully (c) this way nobody can get the “wrong” slice by mistake.

And yes…if you keep your AVB in a discreet little container, and measure it properly, you could just sprinkle it on a slice of hot pizza in a restaurant or pizza place. I mean, that will work, but if you get caught doing this in public, don’t tell the cops “Old Hippie said it was cool”, because that won’t work the way it used to :-)

What Happened

Ate pizza at 8:20 PM. A bit of a headache after about 45 minutes. The cheese will slow digestion so it may take longer to kick in than normal. My edibles/capsules generally take 45 minutes to an hour on a reasonably empty stomach.

9:35 PM: Getting seriously smashed [6 and rising], just started a few minutes ago. A very indica feeling Well WTF u think, it’s had all the THC removed. Headache gone, but head not staying upright :-)

11:00 PM: Second wind, just got 2 levels higher! Maybe from the pieces that were wrapped up in cheese, so took longer to digest. Whoo! Feels like a more “balanced” high than before…more like normal, but no sativa-type anxiety even though I am at least an [8] now.

3AM: Watched an old movie, plus new episode of Wilfred…twice! Still high as fuck, going to bed.

And I woke up high around 1 PM!


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  1. Anonymous said:

    Man, this sounds amazing. I’m definitely going to try this ASAP! Thanks OldHippie!

  2. Juan said:

    Man, I love watching Wilfred baked!
    😀 Not many people seem to know it thought…

  3. Anonymous said:

    A teaspoon only measures size, not mass. How much (in grams) would you say is good for one pizza?

    • Old Hippie said:

      Funny, when I talk about grams someone always says “I don’t have a scale”, so I figured since we were talking about very light stuff (ABV is much lighted than regular weed anyway) and cooking, it made more sense to use volume expressed as teaspoons.

      I don’t know if it’s equivalent, but I know some people have said they need at least 0.5 grams for edibles, so you could start with that and see how it goes.

  4. ray said:

    this seems like a good idea, put is it 100% smell proof? my mom, being an experienced pot smoker, and edible maker, she knows the smell. i recently got a hold on some abv, and REALLY want to make this, but i will only make it if i know it wont smell.

  5. Old Hippie said:

    It’s not being cooked, just heated, and the terpenes that make it smell have already been boiled off by vaporizing. Add some oregano and maybe crushed red peppers and even an old Italian pizza guy couldn’t tell!

    • ray said:

      ok thanks, i will try that today, i had pizza delivered last night, nice and oily, great for this type of thing. i appreciate your help, and ill let you know iif i got caught or not.

  6. ray said:

    And one more thing. I saw somewhere that you can also use a cracker with cheddar cheese on top of that, would it be just as smell-less as the pizza?

    • Old Hippie said:

      I doubt it…pizza has loads of great-smelling ingredients. The cracker and cheese would probably work as well, but it’s still not as awesome as pizza is in general :-)

    • jimmy recard said:

      remember, popping ( or if it smells really bad, burning ) popcorn will cover up anything

  7. ray said:

    ok, sorry for commenting so often, but i just made the pizza, it didn’t smell at all. ill get back to you on how i will feel within an hour, hopefully. my super-smelling stoner mom was right next to me and she didn’t smell a thing, thank you so much for the recipe, i look forward to making it again.

      • ray said:

        haha, it worked well, i completely forgot about everything i was doing. thank you for the recipe, will use it often

          • Anonymous said:

            i’m trying this right now and will report back with some results. thank you very much for the idea!!

            I have some heaviness behind my eyes so I think the rides about to start 😛

  8. asaprocky said:

    I tried this with a tablespoon of powdered AVB and only got up to like a [6].. did I do it wrong?

  9. Steven said:

    Hi man, yesterday i decided to do the pizzza with AVB of my MFLB, i eat my pizza but i dint feel high i just got a headache of 3 hours :$

  10. Rad Craver said:

    If you don’t have a microwave, would you say back in the oven at 400 f for say 2 minutes?

    • Old Hippie said:

      I’d feel safer with one minute, as that temperature will really burn off your THC. You just want to get the cheese to start melting. A toaster oven might be easier to watch.

  11. Gaw said:

    So just to be clear, you need to either pre-cook a pizza or order one and then infuse the THC into the cheese via the microwave? Just a little unclear on the method!

    • Old Hippie said:

      Yes, because the process of actually baking a pizza would burn off too much THC. All you want to do is get the cheese melty enough so the weed will get stuck in it. And remember, it has to be either AVB or decarbed bud, not fresh bud.