Blue Dream Encounter

Stoned agin! [8.3]

I’ve mentioned that starting to use a new strain means you’re ingesting different cannabinoids at different levels. That also activates different receptors in your brain, generally ones you’re not used to. That means you have no tolerance buildup in those receptors.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

Just two tokes of Blue Dream, a strain I have never used before, hit me like a ton of bricks. Instead of getting to [2.2] or so as on Sour Diesel, I’m instead flying around (up here! on the ceiling!) and only pulling myself down to the keyboard by sheer willpower. Hell, that whole paragraph about the receptors and such appeared in my mind as a 3D video, and I had to transcribe it down to written English. In the video, the receptors were lighting up when the cannabinoid molecules hit them, so I wrote “light up the receptors” and then it took me a good few minutes to realize you weren’t going to be able to see the video, and then think of the word “activate”.

I know someone’s actually working on this, though: some weird device that can see pictures in your mind and send them to a computer for viewing. But God help us when it comes out…I really don’t want to see what my sick Facebook friends are thinking about!

Anyway, this stuff feels to me like all the “classic” stereotyped effects you hear people talking about when they mention “weed” or “marijuana”. Physical wobbliness/clumsiness, no short term memory, weird sense of humor. And believe me, if I wasn’t so motivated to write this post, I’d be watching a movie or otherwise on the proverbial couch.

I don’t usually even get high, let alone stoned, from vaping my medicinal cannabis daily, so it’s kind of a novelty.


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