Super Cure Me: Two Years Of Using Medical Marijuana Daily

A while back, someone came up with the clever title “Super Size Me” and made a film about what happened to their body and health after eating nothing but McDonald’s for a solid month. Then Doug Benson riffed on that with “Super High Me” and got blitzed out on marijuana for a month with absolutely no ill or long-term effects, to show how safe and harmless cannabis really is.

Well, today marks my second anniversary of being a legal Medical Marijuana patient in California, and as I related precisely a year ago, everything is still pretty much coming up roses. There are things that even cannabis cannot fix, but nobody expects it to solve everything. But considering how much stress cannabis relieves (as well as pain, anxiety, depression, and so on) and that many experts consider stress to be one of the most important factors in health, that’s not exactly a bad or inconsequential thing. And I’m still alive, which is not inconsequential either.

Is cannabis totally harmless? No substance can be considered totally harmless for everyone, but as a direct result of my constant, long-term daily use of cannabis, I have noted the following adverse or  health-threatening symptoms:


AdvENTures With Cannabis EdiblesSo as part of my celebration for this important anniversary, I am once again (last time, folks…I gotta sell some of these puppies too) giving away copies of my first ebook on medical marijuana. AdvENTures With Cannabis Edibles is based on the kind of stories I’ve written about here on Beyond Chronic and includes many handy recipes as well. And, just today, I’m making it available free for the Kindle, which means you can not only read it on your Kindle, but also on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Mac, PC, or any other device that has a Kindle app available to it.

Nugs and hugs!
— Old Hippie 


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