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  1. George said:

    I’ve had a wisdom tooth extraction followed by an abscess, and the pain was not gone w/in 24 hours. I found that the Vicoden has such a safe dose of narcotic that it would wear off before the four hour interval. I did better alternating large doses of Ibuprofen (like 4-5) with heavy icing. Ice can be a great pain killer, and as my daughter was just telling my son, it actually does help promote healing too — reducing swelling. All of which is not to say I don’t wish I had your organic herbal preparations when I go for my front tooth extraction. I’ve put it off over 40 years already, since I first caught a baseball in my mouth about age 13, by “babying” it when eating, but time is catching up and the original fracture is growing much faster than when I was young. I can definitely relate to the concern about possible cannabis-induced paranoia-type reactions while in the dentist’s chair!

    • OldHippie said:

      Yeah, I was careful to stick with indicas for that one. But I once had an overdose of nitrous oxide at a different dentist, and hallucinated that I was John Lennon being shot to death. No fun atall…