How To Make A Banana Spliff

My awesome son, the one who keeps coming up with great drink and food combinations, has really outdone himself this time. The combination of his recipe, and my punnish title for it, is only exceeded by the amazingness of the taste and texture of the actual food.

So: first you cook yourself a chapati, which you can buy a package of in any Indian grocery. Some people are hardcore and make them from flour, but ours were actually ready-made, and all you have to do is heat them on a griddle. Then you add the magic ingrediENTs!

1 sliced banana:

Slice Banana

Slice Banana

1 load of Nutella:

And we mean a load of Nutella

And we mean a load of Nutella

Then roll it up into a big “joint”, “spliff” or “muggle”. And eat it!!!

* Sorry, no pictures of the last step…my hands and mouth were full!


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